Sunday, 13 September 2015

Music on Sunday; September

Do you remember that day in September, Earth, Wind and Fire sings that lyric. Well I always loved September, not only because my birthday is in that month (and my sisters, and a lot of other family members. September is a birthday month in our family) but because it means summer is over and autumn will begin soon. You can smell it already in the morning, the promise of autumn. So today, just a few days before my birthday, my gift to you is these lovely September songs; Enjoy!

© KH


Anonymous said...

I wish you a wonderful month of September, including the storms and the rains and later the low fogs on the fields. For the Equinox I wish you a wonderful day with the promiss of many more days like it. It's the Second Harvest which we call Mabon. September, the month of plenty harvested grains and nuts and fruits for Winter.

B*B, Kate

Jaana said...

My birthday is also in September, like I told you already ;). And September is wonderful and beautiful month. I loved it earlier, but nowadays I'd like to have longer summer, more warmth and sun.
September is also a promise of coldness and dark and snow... Don't like them at all. We will get them here in Finland more than we want during late autumn and winter.... I know many people love autumn and winter, but that's not me ;)!

Although I wish you a colorful and beautiful September :)!