Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Shopping in Utrecht

We're having our Summer holiday, but since we're not away on holiday but staying at home and having some daytrips there's time for some blogging now and again. Yesterday we had a lovely shopping spree in Utrecht. Oldest son needed new clothes and youngest wanted to buy a skateboard so off we went.
It always amazes me that the kids, 21 and 18, still tag along with pleasure with their 'old' mum. They even like it a lot and hug me in the street when they have gotten a new outfit.

We were very succesful even youngest son who is a bit difficult finding the things he has in mind did find it easily this time. And when I wanted to look for myself? Not a problem; they just went to sit down in front of the kiddies tv and watch the Disney cartoons. (I had to take a picture of that!)

We had a lovely day with lovely weather even, even though I need a day to recover, boy you get so tired and back aches from strolling around... 
But Utrecht is a beautiful city and always very welcoming I find. I love to shop there and it's very gorgeous with it's old buildings and the Dom tower and canals. A lot of history there, which I love. Hub and met there in fact for the first time many years ago, so it's always a trip down memory lane for us. :) 

Here's something about Utrecht's History
Reasons why Utrecht is awesome you can find here

 Dom tower


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Anonymous said...

Utreg hè? LOL :) Enige foto.

Sorry native English speakers... this can't be translated. It's slang. Well, the first part. The last just means: lovely pic of the kids.

Memories of Utrecht with Kate. Wonderful YOUNG lady she is.