Monday, 31 August 2015

Refugees; No human is illegal

Everywhere you look; tv or social media, you read/see about the refugees and their fate. 
But what strikes me more and more is the way people are talking about other people. The way my country is handling this worldwide problem. Or not handling it to be honest. The way some are talking is shameful to say the least.

The Netherlands has always been known for its tolerance but over the years we have become the least tolerant country in Europe I think. 
It's shocking how some people are talking about the boat refugees. What they are saying I shall not repeat but it's horrible and inhumane. Yes, cruel even. You are not worth to be calling yourself part of the human race if you talk about other humans like that. Even animals treat each other better. 

 Syrian looking at where his home used to be

A lot of refugees don't run from their country because of economical reasons; sure there always will be some that do and the media is always putting it's focus on them, but most of them flee from their country because they simply have to. Because of Al Quada, ISIS or other extremist groups. They don't have a choice. If they would, they would simply stay. 
They would not leave their belongings and pick up only a few things and their entire family, if even that, and make the hard and often dangerous journey to freedom from persecution. Most people scream bloody murder that 'the Muslims are taking over' but it's just nonsense. A lot of them are fleeing because they are Christians and can't be who they want to be in their own country, or for their sexual orientation. Let's face it; who would dare take an overcrowded ship with the risk of sinking in the middle of the ocean with small children if they didn't have too?

A Syrian woman trying to hold her baby's head above water

The reactions are also often out of ignorance but even then; did they all really forget what happened in WOII? When lots of people were persecuted for being 'the wrong race' or being different?
We are all equal; we are all human.

Slogan from Germany

It is time we started to help each other instead of pointing fingers and blaming. Let's just make it a better world for everyone to live in, not only in your little corner of the world.
Better the world, start with yourself and the way you talk about other human beings. You can't judge unless you have walked in their shoes and I don't think you would want that...
For this blog I needed pics and saw the most horrid photos of cut off heads done by those extremists... I didn't put them on here but those pics might have made an impact on those hateful and spiteful commentors.

Helping the refugees is something all of the world should do, not only Greece and Italy where they first land. We all need to take our responsibility. I read that about 207.000 refugees have come to Europe so far; that's 8625 per member state; about 2156 families per country. That's not so much now is it? Can't we all just help those people, like we would want to be helped, like we were helped when we were at war so many years ago?

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Anonymous said...

Agree. Good blog, Kati. One thing tho.... For me ISIS is the Mother Goddess of the Egytian Pantheon. The barbarians do not deserve this name. That is my convinction. I call them 'is' . Small letters. Because, the use of the name ISIS (in capitals) is to me the way to honour these barbarous creatures. And they do not deserve any positive word. Now't!

The latest news is good, with a sour part: Marcia and Glaucio, two kids from Angolese descent, were picked up last weekend to be evicted. Because their father had served in the Angelose army before the family fled. Both kids and their mother are allowed to stay. The father, however, is to be evicted. There is no evidence at all that he was a criminal but since he served in the army, our country sees him as a possible war criminal. Bitter sweet...

Anonymous said...

Latest news: Mother en both children can officially stay. The father will be evicted. Bitter Sweet again and a lot of sadness in this family.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I too little stop to comment on your wonderful posts Kati, but this one deserves a lot of attention, for you have written as I think also. I have reposted to G+. I am astounded at the short memories of so many who themselves may have come from a 'refugee' background. There is nothing new about such migrations, but more and more the 'desirable' countries also become the selfish countries. Brava my dear!! YAM xx

Kati H said...

Elidir, it totally agree on the is thing but it's the internationally known namettherefore I used it.
On the Dutch Angolan eviction matter; it's a disgrace how our government treat people who have lived here for that long, some are sent back who were born here! How on earth is that even possible? Yes the kids and mother can stay but why should the dad leave? He deserted the Angolan army for a reason right? Shameful!

Kati H said...

Thank you so much Yam! I admit I do too little with G+ to know how it really works, but I'm happy with your comment. :) I need to read more myself if I have the time.

Anonymous said...

I have just read on another message board that there are people who believe this is a good thing:

I am stunned. How can anyone say such a thing with dry eyes?

Daan (Dan) said...

as much as i agree with what you're saying here {who wouldn't, in their right mind} i think its also fair to think about why people are reacting in such a negative way... cos how far removed from their negativity are we ourselves? isn't accusing others of being anti-social, bigoted and horrible a way of hiding our own doubts and negativity? by pointing the finger at other's awful behaviour towards the view of hundreds of refugees, we can be proud of our own righteousness... we are so much better than them...

i personally don't think that anybody should drown trying to flee the country that they came from, hoping to find solace and safety, but i can understand that there are people who are scared of the massive influx they keep seeing on the news... it doesn't justify what they say in the safety of an anonymous internet forum, or sometimes even with their facebook profiles in full view, but is it really so hard to attempt to understand??

i don't think in WW1 and 2 people were exactly jumping for joy at the sight of refugees either... i think its a 'normal' human reaction when there's already a crisis {as we're led to believe...} and people are worried about their countries financial abilities to cope, about the strain these refugees might put on our already wobbly economies... we're all encouraged to be scared, to live in fear {of poverty, of death, of scarcity} so why is it so hard to understand the strong negative reactions of ordinary people? not justify it, or whatever, but maybe not wallow in self-righteousness either...

live and let live, and share our love, not our disapproval...