Sunday, 9 August 2015

Music on Sunday; Sziget festival Budapest, Hungary

It's my son's birthday today, he's 21 years old today! He's not home to celebrate it because he is in Budapest at the Sziget festival. It's his favourite kind of holiday; sleep, celebrate, drink, eat and sleep again... :D What young adult wouldn't like that?
But it's also the music that counts. The last time he was there he called me when Editors preformed on stage so I could listen while they were playing.. :)

Here are some of the artists preforming in Hungary this week:

And last but not least; the end show; our own Dutch Martin Garrix. Not my cup of tea but nice for those young kids over there. ;)

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Daan (Dan) said...

"What young adult wouldn't like that?"
{i personally never did, as a young adult... hated big crowds and loud music...}
line up sounds great, by the way, hope your son enjoys himself!
my son is just back from Hungary {I'll mention this to him...}, said he L♥VED Budapest...