Monday, 15 June 2015


As long as I can remember I am somewhat larger than average. Only after I had kids I became overweight and when my former marriage went downhill I became obese. I had to hear from a lot of people that I really had to do something about it, especially people who are close to me and who say they don't mean anything by it only mean well... Sure, they mean well but people reminding you constantly is a big pain in the you know what!
I do know myself I'm overweight thank you very much!

A few years ago I did go on a diet. I took those shakes twice a day. God I was starving but I did it anyway. Sure I was losing weight, but one day it stopped and I didn't lose anymore. I could slowely start eating regularly again and that's when it started to happen; my body wasn't used to getting much food or fat anymore and every time I ate something that was prepared with oil or butter it started to become upset. My gall bladder was infected and had to be removed in the hospital. Well that's dieting for you, I thought. The friend who did this with me had to undergo the same proceding two months later. Eversince then I have a bigger stomach/fatter one. Never had it before. I've heard people say who had the same that it comes from the operation.

Last week I spoke to someone who is on a diet. She lost 3 kilos already. She reacted not very happy to be honest, more a bit cranky. Maybe it was as a reaction to my reaction, I don't know, I just can't understand why people who are on a diet always have to go on and on about it, and convince others to do the same. Do we need convincing, I wonder?
She couldn't eat all kinds of things, no bread, not oils, no this or that. I had to read the book she said so I did read the first chapter and knew it really wasn't for me. 'Sure, don't even try' she said angrily to me. It made me wonder why it is that people (most of them not even that big or fat) who are on a diet always feel the need to convince other (obese or fat people) that they have to do this or that diet as well. You can't even say that it's proven that diets don't work, that sweetners are bad for you, that Aspartame is by FAR the most dangerous sweetner you can use! NO they bite your head off (Probably cause of the hunger) and you are wrong and they're not. Weeks from now those kilos they've lost are probably already on them again. Diets never work! My own mother is dieting her whole life. Why? Because it doesn't work!

Yes I am obese, yes it is unhealthy. But I don't need you to tell  me that! I know! I feel it! I have issues I need to figure out for myself, I don't need people to tell me I have to get help for that, I won't. I know I won't. Besides, I am healthy, my bloodwork showed I am. A lot of times thin people are more unhealthy than fat ones with diabetes or high cholesterol of blood pressure.
I went to a dietician once and she said they won't work on me unless I seek help with a psychologist or something and I know I won't do that. Maybe some day, but not now.
The fact that I'm obese does not give people the right to tell me I should do this or that diet as well. It does not give people the right to be angry at me if I decline. It is my life, my body, my decision.
Whether it's family or not, I really do not care!
People should mind their own diets, not force others on one too!

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Daan (Dan) said...

i'm with the minions on that one...
{a spot of unasked for advice: have you tried a mesologist yet? or a natural therapist? maybe they can get to the root of your issues and that way unblock whatever it is that's keeping you from being being truly healthy and happy? it's helping me a lot...
just thinking along with you here, discard if you wish!!}

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Couldn't agree more Kati! You may one day wake up and say, 'today it changes'... or you may not.. but it must and can only come from within yourself. Nicely written! YAM xx

saskia van der ende said...

I SO know how you feel and what you mean. I have my own invented fatfree diet. I eat pasta and potato. uses oiles and use SUGAR! Yes SUGAR!! I get good result so why should ppl feel the need to (arrogantly) tell me I am doing it all wrong. like u say. Stick to your shakes or no carbs and I will stick to mine and have a lovely meal again tonight :P