Friday, 5 June 2015

30 Days Challenge 27, Call to arms

The secret of fortune is joy in our hands. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What if today, right now, no jokes at all, you were actually in charge, the boss, the Head Honcho. Write the “call to arms” note you’re sending to everyone (staff, customers, suppliers, Board) charting the path ahead for the next 12 months and the next 5 years. Now take this manifesto, print it out somewhere you can see, preferably in big letters you can read from your chair.
You’re just written your own job description. You know what you have to do. Go!
(bonus: send it to the CEO with the title “The things we absolutely have to get right – nothing else matters.”)

Note: What we need to do right soley depends on our government and it's cutbacks on the healtcare system here but just imagine that this weren't the case (if only).

From this day on we're only going to focus on the elderly clients and they're needs. If the government says they should stay home longer than we should make certain they can stay home longer. We must focus on making them happy, healthy elderly people. Try to help them where ever we can but if they are still able to help around their home let them do so. Go for long walks with them, sit down and talk to them! There are some who don't see any other person than you for a whole week, so if they want to talk, talk!
There are more elderly each year, people are getting older. Does that mean we just should cut back on healthcare for the elderly? The same elderly people who helped build up the country and the healthcare system? So not to benifit from it now? That doesn't seem fair at all. Those are the people who nurtured us so let's nurture them now. Give them what they need and take care of them. Show them our appreciation and our love.

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