Thursday, 7 May 2015

Edinburgh trip

Especially for Daan who asked for a report on my recent trip to Edinburgh with my sister Mo.

Last week Mo and I went to Edinburgh and we really had a lovely time! It was her first time in Scotland and my 6th I think. It was so wonderful to be back! The weather was good, beautiful blue skies in the morning with plenty of sunshine and a shower here and there in the afternoon. It was beautiful to see the Spring colours everywhere! I've only been there in the Summer of course and now in Spring it was gorgeous! The trees blossoming and the tulips an bluebells!

 Edinburgh Castle with Ross fountain and Spring flowers

Edinburgh Castle and daffodils

 Bluebells everywhere


Sis and I did a lot of sightseeing but also a lot of shopping! I'm a book freak so I've bought some 14 books, more older ones and some new. Sis bought some vintage stuff for her shop of course. 

 A hat in which you could very well go to Ascott with

lovely boxes

Of course we also went to see this gentleman, a tip a got from a Twitter friend: 
Sherlock Holmes Statue in memory of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

We also had a lovely walk to Dean Village along Leith river. That was so wonderful! I'd recomend it to everyone visting Edinburgh! 
 Dean Village

 Greyfriars Bobby

Scottish humour

All in all we had a lovely time and I'm still not done with all my photos so maybe another blog about it will come. 

© KH


Daan (Dan) said...

thanx my dear!!!
only, now i really really really want to go there too!!! :-)

Kati H said...

I can understand that Daan! It's such a wonderful city! And the people are so kind and lovely! :)