Thursday, 9 April 2015

Life is what happens..

Sometimes there are things happening in life that you cannot control, things that are affecting your mood as well or maybe even things that make you think about your own life and that it isn't so bad after all. 

Today was a day like every other day. I got up at 7, did my morning routine and went to work at my elderly peeps. I've had really strange dreams I recall waking up, about being in a hotel room and all kind of animals running around escaping from under the beds and what not. I've also had some aches and pains lately but I'm blaming those solely on myself; not excerising enough, sitting behind my laptop writing too long at a time among other things. But when I see some of my elderly women I think I really need to excersise more or watch what I eat better or I will get in trouble when I'm old(er). Anyway, when I was sitting down for some coffee her nurse came in and when we came to talk about the geese in the pond across from our home. One pair already had 5 little ones. She told us that she hoped they would live cause last year she'd seen kids from the school with a large stick with a nail in it, beating the chicks to death. She screamed to them to stop it from across the pond and called the police but it was too late.

geese with young (2012)

I really was horrified by her story and it is still stuck in my head. I love geese and I'm so happy that they come back each year which they won't if they get beaten of course!
Later on I was walking my dog and ran into a neighbour. He asked me if I knew that an acquaintance of ours was sick again. The man had stomach cancer but the last time I saw him he was better and the cancer was gone. Now it had returned and he wouldn't get better again so he told me. The man was given two months at the most. His idea was to collect money and buy flowery plants for his garden so that he could enjoy it now he still could instead of buying flowers for his grave later on. I couldn't agree more. 

But still, I went home from my walk with even more on my mind than before. Count your blessings I thought to myself, go and walk more and take care of yourself. Of course it's not to say I won't get sick but I should enjoy life more without the aches and pains and stress I sometimes have now and when I walked into my garden this little fellow made me smile with his presence after being away for the whole winter; 

You can't shut the world out, but you can't let everything consume your mind either and sometimes I let it which is not good at all. No when to let things go and enjoy the little things in life! 

© KH

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