Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Yesterday my youngest son told me he wants to change from learning to be a cook to something else. He's in his second year and finds the hours tough and thinks he's no good at it. He went to his coach in school and asked her for an occupational test to try and find what it is he would be good at. That is the second son with doubts about the education he's chosen.

As a mother you worry, of course you do it's in our job description. But on the other hand; with all the kids these days switching schooling/education... What if they just have to choose too early in life what to do for the rest of their life? I sure didn't know what to do when I was their age! (then again; I always said I would be a mum and that was it... and there are days I even doubt if I'm doing a good job at that!) To be honest; I only now know from age 40 what I want(ed) to do in life. Be a writer and/or a geriatrics psychologist.

When I got a divorce and had to start to work again after being a stay at home mum for so many years, I didn't have a proper professional education to turn back to. So I went to work at a firm where I went to clean at elderly people's homes. Not that it isn't a proper job, I love my old peeps, but if I had a degree to turn back to I could have had a better job perhaps. So that's why I tell my kids to get a good education, that it's so damn important!
But now son number two is going to switch, because he says he feels he's not good enough, and the hours are bad and he just doesn't want to anymore. I know he is entitled to get a job he loves. He must get one he loves doing.

As his mum I worry, of course I worry. He also has a mild degree of Autism (even though he wants to deny that) and as a result has a lower degree of education. I thought he had found his place that this was what he wanted. To now know he was struggling with it all this time not wanting to tell me is even more difficult.
Raising kids is hard, raising kids with Autism and ADHD even harder, raising kids with Autism without being able to consult with their father, well I won't go there. I've closed that book or so I thought. What I do know is that it will be a tough nut to crack for him and me.

I'm trying to let it go again, I know from experience that worring doesn't solve things and if I let it go it will all work itself out.
*sings 'let it go, let it go*

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