Sunday, 1 March 2015

Music on Sunday; Guilty Pleasures

Right he is, Dave Grohl... Why do we call them Guilty Pleasures? Because they are the kind of songs you should feel ashamed to listen to? Why? Because you like it? Well anyway they are called guilty pleasures so here are some of mine, and a lot of them are indeed songs totally out of my 'normal' genre of music I'd listen to.

I'm crazy about this song weird enough, it's something I normally don't listen to;

this song reminds me of my youngest son dancing in front of the tv at age 3 knowing every word of the song :)

I can't help it, I'm in love with this man... He's hot, he's funny and he can act.. I just can't sit still with his songs..

this last one is a guilty pleasure that comes from my love of SciFi. I was watching Stargate Atlantis and this song was in it and although I never liked Marilyn Manson, this song though....

© KH

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