Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Accidents will happen

Accidents will happen or as we say in Dutch ' een ongeluk zit in een klein hoekje'.
Last Sunday I thought I just go upstairs to the attic where we dry the laundry in winter and fetch it but when I went to go down I fell... First the laundry basket fell then I followed it soon after. I yelled (or I must have yelled) and I was down on the ground. My eldest son found me there as I was blocking the bathroom door for my hub who was inside and couldn't get out to help me. I must have been 'out'  for a minute or so and my son said 'mum there's blood under your head'.
'Nah' I said 'can't be'
I got up (I know I shouldn't do that) but I was sore all over. I saw the blood, not a little, no quite a lot, and asked my son for a towel as I just had washed my hair, it was still laying on the bed.
Son pressed the towel on my head and helped me get downstairs so hub could get out the bathroom.
To make a long story  short; the ambulance came, they checked me out and put a bandage on my head. Because it's cheaper to go to hospital yourself they said we could do that and they'd phone ahead. We don't own a car anymore and our neighbour drove us to hospital where I got about 8 stitches or so.

I'm fine now bit dizzy at times, sore and bruised and very tired still. I wanted to go back to work tomorrow but I just can't. I work with elderly people doing housework and that's just too tiring. I'm even tired from showering and walking downstairs! Silly really!

Just to let you know how I am but I'm getting better, just need to take a step back. ;)

And see? Housework is very, very dangerous indeed! :D

© KH


A van de Aa said...

Sterkte, en beterschap.

MarjaK said...

Oei! Sterkte, knap maar snel op!

Kati H said...

bedankt A en Marja! :)