Thursday, 11 December 2014

Reading and writing

It's just been a bit busy here. I've been a bit under the weather (well had the flu but went to work anyway, but very early to bed)and other than that I'm writing stories again.
Not much time to write a 'normal' blog. But I'm hoping that will change soon. Just a week more and I will have a week and a half off. Yay! So I'm hoping I will find the time to blog again.

Also I want to have some time to read more. Not only fanfiction (which I do a lot as well, not only write it) but actual books. I have some laying around.

Reading list:

- Sherlock Chronicles

- The Hobbit and LOTR books - Tolkien

- last two Outlander books - Diana Gabaldon

- Four - Veronica Roth

- Parade's End - Ford Maddox Ford

- The Steady running of the Hour - Justin Go

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