Sunday, 7 September 2014

Music on Sunday; Music used in Stargate

I am a huge SciFi geek/fan whatever you'd like to call it. Especially of Stargate and Star Trek. I have the DVD boxes of all the series and watch them on a regular basis. What I've noticed in for example Stargate Universe is the music. It is different than in most other scifi series. But I like it a lot.
You can compare it a bit, music whise that is, with Grey's Anatomy; a show about a hospital so no scifi there but with music that's fitting as well. The lyrics, the whole atmosphere you're being brought into. I love that about a good tv show.

Here some songs from tv series;
I will try to search for songs with parts of the tv series; 

In 'Human' where Robert Carlyle as Dr. Rush is attatched to an ancient chair and caught in a lucid dream where he is home with his wife in Scotland we hear The Jam singing English Rose with these lyrics;

I’ve been to ancient worlds
I’ve scoured the whole universe
And caught the first train home
To be at her side.

This one is from SG1 really one of my favorites; 

I always wondered which song this was, it's short, but enough... ;) 

From Stargate Atlantis; 

also from Atlantis same episode;

one more from SGU although I could go on forever ;) 

© KH

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