Sunday, 31 August 2014

Music on Sunday; Lady Diana

There are days in your life where things happen and you'll never forget what you did that day, or where you were and who with. For me there are a number of days but one of them is the day I heard Lady Diana had died in a car crash. I remember where I was (at my parents house) what I did (walking down the stairs when my mum turned the radio on with the news) and what we were going to do. I was shocked and wanted to watch the news all day long but we had planned a trip to an amusement park for months. My youngest son was six months and my oldest 2½ years old and exited to go. So we went but I was thinking about her and this sad news all day.
Of course I watched the days after the funeral, the two young princes and all those people who cried.

Today it's 17 years ago and still every year I think of that day.

Here is some music of the days that followed and the tribute;  we never forget

© KH

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