Monday, 2 June 2014


Being able to write my blogs in English I hope to achieve that I will reach more people. I miss writing, I mean, I do write of course a lot actually. But mostly it's fanfiction nowadays. But I also miss writing my personal stuff about self-exploring, or things like that.

I've been quite busy with 'some actor' of late. Tweeting away with a lot of new friends. That's all well and good and I love it honest I do. I love all the new friends as well, dearly I might say! We all think alike as well, which is no surprise to me really. Things have a way of evolving as I've found out in the past. Then why do I worry so much if I know all of that? If I know that thing turn out the way they are supposed to, why do I keep on worrying? If someone could kick my behind now, please!

I have told before (in Dutch) I work with elderly people. Our government has descided in 'all their wisdom' it's nescarry to have cutbacks and to do that they think they must strike the weakest of the society the hardest, there's not ifs or buts about it. They just think it's justified. So I have to stop working at people I work with for 7 years now only because they live in another area than where I live. I have to cycle to far, or something like that. It's easier my boss thinks if i work closer to home. And the people only get half the time they were getting so we have to do all the work in half the time. Which is impossible of course. But I'm sure the people sitting at their desks who thought it all through know best.

Now I'm getting all new clients, elderly people, and because I have a contract they have to give me new ones. It's not that I'm without a job, it's just I have to work harder, at more elderly peoples homes.
Now that I wrote it all down it sounds like I'm complaining, a lot! But I really can't stand injustice. I don't like that these people who worked their whole life to make a good healthcare system possible, now don't get it theirselves. That our government is tearing it all apart. They say elderly people should live on their own longer, but they don't give them the means to do so. It's all very unfair, in my eyes.

So I worry, for them, for myself because I don't like changes so much. And new people means change. But maybe change is good. Who knows. One needs change. Even if I find it difficult:

I'll keep hanging on to that thought. It's a good one. I like butterflies. So I'll try to embrace these changes eventhough I find them difficult. I will learn to live with them. And I do need to stop worrying as well. See? I knew it was a good idea to start writing again! :)

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Jenna P said...

Yes kati, change is the only constant. Permanance is an illusion so we have got to move with the times. No point worrying about it.. find the best solution within your means. Hmmm, I wonder what a 'some actor' would do...? :D
Congrats on your blogs New and Universal avatar! Good luck and keep it up my love..!

Kati H said...

Thanks Jen, I'm just glad you girls can read my scribbles now as well. "some actor" would prob say not to worry I suspect. ;) xxx

Elaine T said...

I'm with Jen on this. Try not to worry too much about things you can't change, you will make only yourself ill. Love your new blog. I think 'some actor' likes butterflies too, so you're in good company :) p.s. is that what we're calling him, 'some actor'? Like Voldemort, 'he who cannot be named'. Lol x

Kati H said...

I can't answer with my phone for some strange reason.
Elaine, I laughed so hard about that, I didn't realize we did, sorry Ben! I will write a 'some actor' appreaciation blog soon! Promise! ;)