Sunday, 22 June 2014

Music on Sunday, Song lyrics quotes

Yesterday my quotes and pics blog was about song lyrics. Today the music from those quotes:

One of my favs.. When hub and I went to the Coldplay concert with my sis a few years ago, and they perfomed this song, thousands and thousands of butterflies came down from the ceiling! Even now I get chills all over just thinking about it!

This is the original song, I first got to know it from the 80's cover of Paul Young. But really, this one gets to me every time:

I just love The Beatles. There's no denying it. I must have heard them as a kid but they split when I was 3! So how would I know, right?! As a teen I had a few Beatles albums and a Mono record player. Always wondered what was wrong with those songs! :) But liked them none the less! It wasn't until a few years ago that I really started to listen to them and loving them more and more! They're good! My eldest son is playing the guitar and I conviced him to play some Beatles songs. He started to like them and finds it quite difficult to play their songs. He never knew! :)

Oh my god what have I done! Had I listened to the song beforehand I would have never used the song lyrics! Not my cup of tea! But I liked the lyrics and used it. So use your earplugs and bear with me!

Again, the song lyrics caught me. I don't mind REM mind you, not at all, but those lyrics are lovely.

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