Sunday, 8 June 2014

Music on Sunday, Pinkpop

My kids are on their way to Pinkpop festival. A yearly rock/pop festival on White Sunday (In Dutch: Pinksteren hence the word Pink-pop) They really wanted a three day ticket because the Rolling Stones played on Saturday, but unfortunately those tickets where all sold out in half an hour ! We tried believe me! ;) But the line up for today is not so bad either, Robert Plant (Ex-Led Zeppelin), Limp Bizkit, Ed Sheeran, Editors!

Here are some of the Pinkpop's history clips, it's almost as if we're there today, without the expected thunderstorms that is! 

the kids are seeing Editors today as well! My eldest son saw them last year in Hungary at a festival and phoned me during their show to let me hear them live! :)

I love Snow Patrol:

Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Editors, my fav 3 bands, and sons share most of my taste in music :) :

Don't you just love that community singing!

I have seen the Rolling Stones ones, the last time they were in The Netherlands. :) It's a shame the kids couldn't see them yesterday, my 17 year old loves their music a lot.

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