Friday, 6 June 2014

Art on Friday: John William Waterhouse

When my blog was in Dutch there was a time when I wrote a weekly Friday art blog. Unfortunately there weren't a lot of people who liked art or appreciated art. So now I will try again and hopefully their will be more people who will like it. I can't change the tags that are already in Dutch, but art is 'kunst' in Dutch. If you want to read former art blogs, please do!

My favorite era is truly the Pre-Raphealite Brotherhood .
Influenced by that circle was one John William Waterhouse. I'm not one for copying texts from sites so his bio will be linked.

I love his work as I do that of Dante Gabriel Rossetti's and other Pre-Raphealite painter's.


Psyche opening the Golden box

 Pandora's Box


           The Lady of Shalott (based on the poem by Tennyson )

I Am Half-Sick of Shadows," Said the Lady of Shalott

Sketch of Nymphs

Hylas and the Nymphs

© KH


Jenna P said...

Nice Kati, I know nothing about art, so im gng to be watching this space.. I like that his subjects are mostly female and have a (very) slight paunch! (Can I be anymore ignorant and crude?) Keep at it Kati!

Kati H said...

Thanks Jen, no I like it too! I should show you earlier paintings of women then ;) And I like paintings so I will keep on posting that every Friday. Maybe even Indian art? :) xxx

Elaine T said...

These are such beautiful paintings. Loved the ones of the Lady of Shallot :)