Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Taking my breath away

I look within myself
From outside
I feel shaky, fragile
And have to sit down
My hands are tingling
O God, I'm hyperventilating again

My breathing is shallow
I know I'm going to fall
Breath in, Breath out
I am saying to myself
It doesn't help 

When I'm sitting there
Breathing in a bag
I feel stupid
For worrying 
And fussing
Too much

Having a lot on my mind
Doesn't help either
Find the inner peace
Let it all go
Relax and stop all
Your worries

I wish it was that simple

© KH


klaproos said...

bliven ademen kati,
blijven ademen...

mag ik dat plaatje van die hond hiernaast lenen :-)

Kati said...

Natuurlijk mag dat! Ik heb hem zelf ook geleend! :)