Friday, 16 September 2011


Lonely me
Sitting here
While I just want 

To be there

Feeling sorry
For myself
All the time
Wondering why

Missing you
So very much
Seems like we
Are drifting apart

More and more
I wonder
When will 
I see you again

Hurt am I
I feel the pain
Aching deep in my gut
In my heart

Longing for
The time
I will see
You again

Till then
I'll have to
Go on, just
Wanting you

© KH


Aline said...

Wat een prachtige landschappen... en schitterende woorden...

Anonymous said...

Dat is echt Schotland

hanneke said...


Christiaan said...

Prachtig geschreven! Wanneer ga je al je verhalen en gedichten uitbrengen?

Kati said...

@Dank je Aline! :)

@Paco! Heb je gemist!

@Hanneke, hele erge!

@Christiaan, Tja, plannen genoeg maar nog geen planning zeg maar. (en lef)

sis said...

Beautiful as always!
Wonder why you express yourself best in English..
Must have lived there in a previous life! Try and get published there!! google and find a way!!
You deserve it!

Kati said...

@Thanks a lot sis, I know I want to find a way, don't know what's holding me back though...