Friday, 30 March 2018

Art on Fridayl; Dutch Golden Age

When we talk about the Dutch Masters, we usually mean Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Frans Hals, among others. These are the painters of the years between about 1605 and 1680: the Dutch Golden Age. This time period was a prosperous one for the New Dutch Republic, and the paintings are a simpler and more realistic version of the greater European Baroque period.

Rembrandt-The Blinding of Samson

Johannes Vermeer-Diana and her companions

Gerbrand van den Eeckhout-Angel appears to the Roman centurion Cornelius.

Isaac de Jouderville-Minerva in her study

Willem de Poorter- The Queen of Sheba before Solomon

Gerrit Pietersz-Judith with Holofernes' head

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