Friday, 16 March 2018

Art on Friday; Female nudity in art

When I am looking for a theme or artist for my art blog most times I look for what I like or what I want on my blog. This week is no different only when I was looking for nymps as a theme I came across articles that the Manchester Art Gallery had taken down a Waterhouse (one of my favourite painters and period) painting because of the nudity and the #MeToo thing. It wanted to start a conversation about the female nudity and the MeToo movement. So by taking it down, they are dictating what we should or should not see, so cencorship, in my view.
Most times people go to a museum to admire the work of the painter/period etc. and not to be told what to like or what is wrong or not. Is it wrong, one can wonder, looking at female bodies in painting? Women who've posed for the painter, who probably have been paid, may it not been much in those days, the muses of those painters who we can watch still.
Of course it is good to stand still and wonder about it, or have the conversation, but to take away a beautiful painting to start the conversation? Isn't it a bit going to far? I think it is so for today admire these brave beautiful naked women in all their nudity!

The painting in question;

John William Waterhouse-Hylas and the water nymphs 1896

Henrietta Rae-Hylas and the Water Nymphs 1909

Gustav Klimt-Judith 1901

Edward John Poynter-Cave of the Storm Nymphs 1903

Jules-Joseph Lefebvre-Chloe 1862

John William Godward - The Tepidarium 1913

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