Friday, 10 November 2017

Art on Friday; Pigeons

As a bird lover I'm always feeding the birds in my garden. My grandmother's neighbour had pigeons in his backyard and I always loved the sound of them. Now there are coming more and more pigeons to eat the bird seed in my own garden so I was wondering about pigeons in paintings.
So for today pigeons in art;

 Eugen von Blaas-Feeding the Pigeons, 1877

Archibald Thorburn - wood pigeon on  beech mast
Jean Leon Gerome-Harem Women Feeding Pigeons In A Courtyard

Edgar Hunt-5 puppies and pigeons playing by a kennel farm

Edmond Alphonse Defonte-Feeding The Doves

Ernst Friedrich Hausmann-Feeding the doves

Friedrich Hiddemann-Die Taubenf├╝tterin

Charles Joshua Chaplin-A beauty with doves

© KH

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