Friday, 4 August 2017

Art on Friday; Orientalism

I love Japanese and Chinese paintings. But I've done that a few times already so for today I would love to take you away with me to East Asia to old times when Iran was still Persia and where we can drift away into a world of herbs and spices, of old meeting new and rare beautiful landscapes and animals or people.

This type of painting is called Orientalism.

Frederick Arthur Bridgman:Algerian girl

Leon Francois Comerre-Odalisque

Gustav Bauernfeind- Markt in Jaffa

Jean Leon Gerome-The Carpet Merchant

Fabio Fabbi-The Orange Seller

Rudolf Ernst-The Perfume Makers

Frederick Leighton-the Light of the Harem

John Frederick Lewis: Study for 'The Courtyard of the Coptic Patriarch's House in Cairo

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