Friday, 14 July 2017

Art on Friday; Landscape Illustrations That'll Make You Say, "I Want to Go There"

When I was searching for a subject for this week's 'art on Friday' blog I saw this title and the art that went with it was stunning so the choice was easy enough!

NB I hope the pictures I'm posting are still visible because I posted my art blogs with photobucket before and they changed their policy so those blogs are now probaly without any pictures. They want their users to pay a $400 fee every year to post pics on their blogs, even their own...
Blackmail I call it so now I'm forced to use other uploading services.

Evening Magic by Eyvind Earle

Brian Edward Miller illustration color sunset mountains

Jane Newland-Camp

Ryo Takemasa: Cover illustration for NON magazine

Aeraalas Woodlands by YoBarte

Entrance To The Sacred Tree by Roseum

'Overgrown Forest' - Series for byxb

Abbey Pansy nature landscape

© KH

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