Friday, 4 November 2016

Art on Friday; Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema-Fries Museum

Yesterday we went to the Fries Museum where the Alma-Tadema exhibition is until Februari 2017. Lots of his paintings from all over the world including from private collections are being displayed in one place. It was wonderful to have a chance to see all those beautiful works in one place. We bought a book with the story of his life and with the gorgeous paintings and drawings inside as well.

So today some of my favourites;

No wonder the alarm went of when people took a closer look; private collection sold for $ 36 million!

The Finding of Moses

 A Coign of Vantage

The Roses of Heliogabalus

The story goes that the people are being suffocated in violet petals but Alma-Tadema used rose petals instead, however to refer and stay true to the original story he hid some violets under the table. 


Unconscious Rivals

a Silent Greeting

You won't get a chance to see these to next to each other often, but now with the exhibition you can; 

© KH


Melody Steenkamp said...

ja hoor..... leeuwarden of all places..... en dan Assen overslaan, foei !!!


Kati H said...

Daar kom je niet langs met de trein Mel... :D Die gaat tot Zwolle en dan overstappen op de trein naar Leeuwarden.