Friday, 9 September 2016

Art on Friday; Landscape painting

I absolutely love landscape painting. It really doesn't matter much from which century although I do have a slight preference of the 19th century British landscape artists. I think it comes from the paintings that hung in my grandparents living room; cows grazing in a meadow which I found fascinating. Unfortunately that painting is long gone so here are some other landscape paintings ;

Emile Troyon-Landscape with cattle and sheep

Albert Cuyp-River landscape with horsemen and peasants

Domenichino-Landscape with St. Jerome 

Thomas Gainsborough-Rocky landscape

Vincent van Gogh-De oogst

Claude Monet-Coquelicots, La promenade

Mark A. Pearce-Following mum and dad

George Turner-A Derbyshire waterlane

JMW Turner-Chichester Canal

And of course I adore the Scottish landscapes of which I have made many blogs and probably will do again soon; 

Louis B. Hurt-Highland cattle resting near a loch

© KH

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