Friday, 19 August 2016

Art on Friday; Summer

Every Friday I posted art here once. I stopped for no reason other than that no one was reading that blog anyway and 'who was I posting it for'...(and the pics took up a lot of space as well saving them)  For myself that's why because I love it and miss it. So I want to bring back the art blog on Friday and hopefully people will start to like it too.

As you might know I adore Pre-raphaelite paintings so today I start with those and try to find paintings of Summer;

Edward Burne-Jones-Green Summer

John William Godward - Summer Flowers

Edward Burne-Jones-Summer

John William Waterhouse-Sweet Summer

Dante Gabriel Rossetti-The Bower Meadow

Dante Gabriel Rossetti-The Daydream

Lawrence Alma Tadema-Summer Offerings

© KH

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