Friday, 18 September 2015

Art on Friday; Pieter Aertsen

Portait of Pieter Aertsen by
Taco Hajo Jelgersma (1702-1795), 1737

Pieter Aertsen (1508–3 June 1575), called Lange Pier ("Tall Pete") because of his height, was a Dutch painter in the style of Northern Mannerism, who invented the monumental genre scene combining still life and genre painting, and very often also including a biblical scene in the background. He was born and died in Amsterdam, in his lifetime a relatively minor city, and painted there but mainly in Antwerp, then the centre of artistic life in the Netherlands. His genre scenes were influential on later Flemish Baroque painting, and also in Italy, and his peasant scenes preceded by a few years the much better-known paintings produced in Antwerp by Pieter Bruegel the Elder.

 Adoration of the Shepherds

Market scene

The Egg Dance

Christ and the woman taken in adultery

The Meat Stall

The Fat Kitchen-an Allegory

Christ in the house of Martha and Mary

Market woman with fruit, vegetables and poultry

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