Friday, 4 September 2015

Art on Friday; Hendrik Willem Mesdag

I know I said I was going to go through painters on alphabetical order but last week we went to the Panorama Mesdag in the Hague and I'm still so full of it I really need to show this first!
It was so amazingly beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful.
I will show you with photos I took myself and with those of the internet; first who was Hendrik Willem Mesdag and about the Panorama itself; you can read about it here and here.

Hendrik Willem Mesdag  (23 February 1831 – 10 July 1915) was a Dutch Painter from the Haagse School. After a few pointers from his cousin Lourens Alma-Tadema (Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema) he descided to take up painting.
Mesdag's wife Sientje Mesdag-van Houten turned out to be a great painter as well and made some wonderful paintings too.

Mesdag had to paint the Panorama in 4 months time and got paid for it for that time a reasonable amount of money. But the firm who had hired him for the job asked to much entrance fee, people those days just couldn't affort that. The whole thing went bankrupt and Mesdag bought his own Panorama back plus made it public again with a much lower entrance fee. This time it did work out and to this day Panorama Mesdag is owned by the Mesdag family or its descendants.

Note; when you look at the Panorama all seems so closeby, it looks like you see it in 3D while when you look at it on photos all looks so much smaller and of course (it is a painting) it is in 2D. So smart Mesdag knew how to put the effect in back then.

 First you come through a large dark corridor; then you stand here to watch the big canvas

Moon at night

Sientje Mesdag-Van Houten-the dog of the family Mesdag

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