Friday, 21 August 2015

Art on Friday; Hans von Aachen

My blog is a blog about lots of different subjects and on different days a different subject. Some have only an art blog and on those art blogs I've seen an alphabetical order of painters. Sometimes from a period or random. My art on Friday has been rather random, but I would like to be more specific about an artist each week. So in an alphabetical order but yes, random in the era of which they lived and painted. Because I like different styles and want to show different styles and periodes.

We start of with Hans von Aachen (German Mannerist Painter, 1552-1615)

 Hans von Aachen

 The Amazement of the Gods

Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian

A laughing couple-selfportrait of the artist with his wife

The three graces

Bacchus Venus and Cupid

Kreuzigung Christi

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