Friday, 14 August 2015

Art on Friday; Genre Painting 19th century every day life

Recently my mum gave me her old cabinet; a 'Mechelse kast' in Dutch from the 19th century. It once belonged to my grandmother and before that to her mother so it's rather old. I always loved that cabinet; it has stained glass windows in it and as long as I can remember it has been in my parents living room. It was that cabinet that made me think about today's art theme; every day life in the 19th century plus if I can find furniture in the painting that would be lovely. So here are some examples of every day life in the 19th century;

Genre painting explained here

John Lewis Krimmel-Country Wedding (1820)

Francis William Edmonds-Time to go

George Leslie Dunlop-The language of flowers

Wassilij Wladimirowitsch Pukirew-The Dowry

Georg Friedrich Kerting-Die Stickerin

Edgar Degas-Interior

Bertha Wegmann-New friends

Vincent van Gogh-The potato eaters

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