Friday, 24 April 2015

Art on Friday, Edinburgh

Drill Parade, Edinburgh Castle, 1886-Robert Sanderson

Next week I'm going back to where I left my heart; Scotland. My sis and I are going away on a Citytrip to Edinburgh. My blogs are scheduled to appear in time and I'm ready to go; just have time for some lovely paintings of Edinburgh in the old days. See you when I get back!

Old Edinburgh Close-William Smeall

 Edinburgh Greeting Card - Thomas Brabazon Aylmer

Edinburgh Castle in 1760 - Alexander Nasmyth  

  detiail from a painting of 1825 of Edinburgh from Calton Hill-Alexander Nasmyth

 Edinburgh Castle from the Southwest-Patrick Nasmyth

A View of Edinburgh from the West-Alexander Nasmyth

Edinburgh from the Castle-David Roberts

St Giles Cathedral Edinburgh-Louis H. Grimshaw

 The Royal Mile-Louis H. Grimshaw

 © KH


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
OMG in amongst all the election fracas - brave women!!! We will be within a journey's reach - if you think that you have time and would like to be in touch, please contact me via my contacts page! Hope the weather we have been having will hold... but pack a mac just in case &*> Safe and happy travels. YAM xx

Kati H said...

Oh I'm so sorry Yam! I'm just reading this now that I'm back! The weather was fine btw.. And so was Scotland always happy to be there! :)