Friday, 17 April 2015

Art on Friday ; Audrey Kawasaki and Krista Huot

 Audrey Kawasaki

I absolutely adore the works of both Audrey Kawasaki and Krista Huot. It's just so lovely and gorgeous.

Audrey's is often painted on a wooden panel.
Krista paints a lot of folkore and fairy tales.

Here some of both of their work;

Yuuwaku Allure-Audrey Kawasaki

It's So Empty Here-Audrey Kawasaki

Carry on-Audrey Kawasaki

She Entwinded-Audrey Kawasaki

And finally one of my personal favourites;
Saying Goodbye-Audrey Kawasaki

Krista Huot

Maiden with a blue bird-Krista Huot

The Blood Countess-Krista Huot

Polluted Naia-Krista Huot

 Red Ridinghood-Krista Huot

temptresses-Krista Huot

© KH

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