Friday, 23 January 2015

Art on Friday; The War of the Roses; Edward III

Henry Arthur Payne - Plucking the Red and White Roses in the Old Temple Gardens

I absolutely adore history especially British history and art so if those can be combined you couldn't make me a happier person. So today I want to begin a series of art on Friday about one subject namely; the War of the Roses on of my favourite subjects in British history.

The War of the Roses was the war on the throne of England between two royal houses; the house of York and the house of Lancaster. The name Wars of the Roses refers to the Heraldic badges associated with the two royal houses, the White Rose of York and the Red Rose of Lancaster.

I will start with Edward III 

Edward III probably made in 1615 

 Edward III Crossing the Somme

 Ford Madox Brown-Chaucer at the court of Edward III 1820-1829

Philippa of Hainault wife of Edward III

Jean Fouquet-Tribute of Edward III to Philip 1455

Benjanmin West-Edward III with the Black Prince after the Battle of Crécy

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