Friday, 29 August 2014

Art on Friday; Birds

I love birds. As long as I can remember I am a bird watcher really. My garden is full of birds as well, mostly sparrows and pigeons but still. Time for an art blog about these beautiful creatures of the sky. And since I love the 19th century art, most paintings will be around that century.

Flamingo,John James Audubon-Birds of America

 Japanese 19th Century Painted Floral & Bird Scroll

Distant Thunder-Owen Gromme

The Parrot Lecture-Jacob Bogdany 18th century

The dodo & given-G.Edwards

A group of Dutch artists in the seventeenth century represented live domesticated and wild birds.

Chickens-Melchior de Hondecoeter

The Festival of St. Swithin or The Dovecote-William Holman Hunt

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