Friday, 18 July 2014

Art on Friday: South Africa

Today I saw on Google it's Mandala Day. What better way to celebrate this day than to show the works of South African Painters on today's Art on Friday blog;

Marietjie Henning-Womens Day Celebration in South Africa

Isabel le Roux-landscape

Jacobus Hendrik Piernee-Bushveld landscape 

 Tinus de Jongh-Outdshoorn District

 I don't know who made this, just found it on the internet. You can buy it to put on your wall. I really like it. 

Oh my.. Googeling through all the African Paintings I just found one that my granddad painted/copied from South African painter
Vladimir Tretchikoff. He made several paintings, my granddad, and one is hanging in my home.

Vladimir Tretchikoff-Miss Wong

This is the one grandad made:

something went wrong in her eye while taking the picture cause it's not there in the painting but I think my granddad did a really good job! :) His Miss Wong is softer and I like that!

© KH

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